Fairholme Range in Banff National Park

I was looking for some interesting places to shoot the Sunset in Banff National Park and noticed this location that overlooked the Trans Canada Highway. However, since the sun was setting in the opposite direction I walked away but noted I wanted to come back and take some pictures of the car streaks after the sun went down. Unfortunately, on a Saturday night in March the traffic on the highway was pretty sparse but I was lucky enough to catch a train going by. I used the trees in the foreground to frame and add scale to the imposing Fairholme Mountain Range in the distance.

Photo of the Day – The S-Curve

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I also liked how the curve in the road leads the eye from the middle of the frame towards the back. In hindsight I probably could have zoomed in a bit further to get past the tree line – maybe the next time I’m in Banff I’ll give that a shot.


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