So my parents used to watch M.A.S.H. as it was ahead of my time. I’m sure I sat there staring at the ‘idiot box’ wondering what was going on but never fully comprehended what I was watching.

Photo of the Day – First Responders

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At the top of every trail, which because the Canyon goes straight down is where the trail starts, is a sign that clearly tells people not to head into the canyon if they have health issues. This is for the ‘hero’ hikers who want to do the base and top in one day – yes, it is possible but no it is not advisable. This hike is only 18.6 miles roundtrip but you are gaining over a mile in elevation so the steepness of the hike is not to be ignored. That is where I think most hikers go wrong. The going down portion of the hike is easy but getting out of the canyon is a challenge.

During one of our hikes into the canyon we noticed an abnormal amount of helicopter activity. We carried on our way and I snapped a few pictures as the camera landed. However, we’d come to find out later that a 70+ year old man attempted to hike to the base and back in a single day and had a heart attack during the climb out. The helicopter was there to airlift him to the hospital – he didn’t make it and we learned the following day of his passing. I understand that need to not be restricted but this to me was fairly silly because most 20 y/o could not accomplish the feat he undertook. That being said I commend him for attacking life and doing what he needed to do to be happy – instead of waiting for death he vigorously attacked his fate and tried his best to avoid it.


2 thoughts on “M.A.S.H.

  1. I like the connection with MASH – but this is a more peaceful environment … for a helicopter then in a war, even if only on TV.
    I belong to the voluntary air force and I hate flying helicopters … still I manage to fly over Niagara Falls in one without fainting. *smile
    Great shot … again.

    • Really! How fascinating – I would think that would be fun (as long as there isn’t a war going on of course). I would love to learn how to fly a helicopter – of course I’m too much of a chicken to do so.

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