Milan, Italy (Il Duomo)

I posted a picture I took at night of the Duomo a couple weeks back – this shot I took the following morning. The square was empty and I had the place to myself for what seemed like hours. It was quite a difference from the day before when the square had been packed with street vendors and other tourists. It really is a much different experience when you are able to walk around and view all the minute details without fear of bumping into someone else.

Photo of the Day – Statues of Il Duomo

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
The Duomo has 135 spires and over 3200 statues similar to the ones seen in this image around the exterior. All are attached to the building by a chain (I imagine one fell at some point thus prompting the chains) and they represent varying images, people, events of the bible. Take a look at the detail in the each of the figures and imagine that there are thousands of those surrounding the church. I walked all around the church, slowly, taking them all in. Still later in the day on our walk back from breakfast I noticed things that I hadn’t seen before. It really is a tremendous sight.

It was an amazing experience and though I’m glad we only stayed one night in Milan that one night was well worth it.


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