Feeling Very Blessed

No not because anything in particular happened – rather I am just happy I was traveling most of the day today and just made it to my hotel thereby avoiding the entire game seven of the NBA finals. Sure I checked the score occasionally but didn’t have to watch LeBron celebrate another championship. He’s the guy we love to hate! I don’t even like basketball but throw him in the finals and I’m tuning in. Who wins in this scenario? The NBA of course – I have to think that they had a hand in that ‘decision’ thing that turned the world against LeBron.

Photo of the Day – The Angels of Cemetery

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
In Cemetery #1 near New Orleans are a number of old gravesights and headstones like these. The details that went into the dead are incredible and so much better than the headstones we use today. Why does that matter? I don’t know really I guess that’s why we use the ‘standard’ headstone now. I mean after all we are dead at that point so it doesn’t matter what lies above us for eternity I suppose. Of course, people in New Orleans don’t stay ‘forever’. The dead are buried above ground and the tombs serve as crematoriums of sort since it gets so hot in the summers. The dead are left in the crypts for a year and then their ashes are removed from the crypt one year after their death. This provides additional room for future members of the family to be ‘buried’ and thus saves on the need to bury people in what winds up being a frequently flooded area.

Heading back out now that I’ve ate some dinner and going to take a few more night shots….I’ll need a lot of coffee for my meeting tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Feeling Very Blessed

  1. I never visit the Cemetery when I was 8 days in NOLA – I don’t have a clue why I forgotten about that – really upset about it today, but done is done. Not a very good tourist at times.
    This is such a beautiful photo,

    • They aren’t the nicest places to visit and I wouldn’t go there if I was by myself. Often times that is where robberies happen since there are so many places for people to hide behind all the elevated tombs. Next time you are in N.O. they give tours that you will find interesting.

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