Where has the time gone?

I was in bed last night and was flipping through some articles on RollingStone.com and came across an article on ‘Songs that you won’t believe are twenty years old’…well they were right. As I went down the list the time instantly hit me. I can remember listening to each of these songs over and over again (and watching the videos when MTV actually played videos) and had the CDs (maybe even the cassette tape) for most of these ordered from my music club.

(Side note…Do you all remember Columbia House and the deals on the CDs that they used to offer? I think it was like 20 CDs for a penny or something like that but then they’d enroll you in the CD of the month club and send it to you for like $17 and you could chose to send it back if you wanted to or pay for it. I think I quit, re-joined, signed up in other people in my households name, signed my grandpa up, etc… and wound up with a couple hundred CDs for less than $1. Of course, there were months I forgot to send the CD of the month back and wound up paying double the ‘regular’ price of the CD for a Kenny G CD or something awful like that)

So needless to say this afternoon I’ve watched each of these videos – Nirvana, Soul Asylum, Blind Melon even Tag Team (Whoomp! There it is…I thought you knew) – and they brought back some pretty good memories. I was just coming into my teen years and growing my hair long – confused I listened to gangstar rap and grunge trying to figure out which appealed to me more. A white kid from the suburbs of Detroit….the gangstar rap didn’t really stick but I gave it shot.

Photo of the Day – Nirvana in Concert (as close as I’ll get to live)

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
At the EMP Museum (Epic Music Project) in Seattle they had a fairly large exhibit dedicated to Nirvana and the grunge movement. Seeing as that scene evolved nearby and is most associated with Seattle it isn’t surprising that the collection of items is housed in the heart of the Emerald City. One of the cool features in the exhibit was a stage with some lights and a VERY large screen streaming Nirvana concerts pretty much continuously. There is nothing better than seeing a band play live – as I’ve grown older I find that the majority of music I listen to on my iPod is that of recorded concerts. The Nirvana Unplugged show from MTV still gets regular play on my iPod and whenever Palladia shows the Nirvana concert (Live at Paramount) I’ll tape it and watch repeatedly. The raw energy from this concert is pretty awesome so if you have Palladia on your TV provider definitely check out the concert the next time they air it.

As the lead in to the RS article says – As Gen X-ers wonder how they became middle-aged so soon, here are 20 tunes they can’t fathom are 20 years old. This is very true. It is hard to imagine.


6 thoughts on “Where has the time gone?

  1. I’m of another generation, a teenager during the 70s. When I hear the Bee Gees or Earth, Wind and Fire, or Bob Seger, or Boston or the Eagles or … You get my drift … I am blown away that their iconic songs are 30+ years old. The memories flood back when I hear them on satellite radio. I guess that also means they’re timeless … Thanks for sharing … Dorothy 🙂

    • Absolutely timeless! The majority of stuff I listen to, is the 60s and the 70s…Rolling Stones, Allman Brothers, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Beatles, etc….all get heavy rotation as well. The late 60s/early 70s in my mind was the best period for music ever.

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