A Peaceful Morning in Banff

The terrible flooding that is ongoing in Calgary is saddening. From what I’ve read 75,000 have been forced from their homes and at least three people have been killed as a result of all the rain they’ve received in the past few weeks. A few weeks ago there was an outside chance that I was going to be in Calgary from June 20th – 24th for work and then a few days up in Banff. That fell through and the trip hasn’t been rescheduled but thinking now with all the potential power issues that they may have (talking potentially months without a full restoration of power) that it could be a while before I’m back there for work. I wish all those battling and fighting the floods well and hope the rain holds off for a few more weeks and lets the people get back on their feet.

Photo of the Day – Lack of Sunshine

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
This was one of my mornings in Banff – you can see the low clouds in the distance covering the mountain in front of me – which means there wasn’t much of any color in the sky. Still determined to make the most of my time there I looked for some angles that could make good compositions for black and white images. The sky itself was just basically plain grey so I minimized having that in the frame to the extent I could and rather focused on the rocks and dead tree stump in the foreground.

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