Hollywood Bowl (Los Angeles, California)

Ahhh…the city of lights. I have to say that while LA has its strong points (the beach, the mountains, the proximity to other destinations) it is one of the few cities that I’ve traveled to for work to that I just don’t think I’d ever want to live. The traffic is just atrocious (well isn’t the traffic in Chicago bad too? Well yes but the public transportation in Chicago is efficient and setup very conveniently). It doesn’t matter if it is 1 PM or 6 PM – rush hour has no time. I realize why alot of people there where tank tops all the time – I thought that maybe it was to show off their hot bodies and be a “beautiful” person but actually I think it is because they sit in traffic all DAMN day and it is hot no matter how much the A/C is blowing. I was in a nice suit after my meeting (1 PM in the afternoon on a Friday) driving from downtown LA to LAX (15 miles) and it took me nearly two hours. I ran a half marathon (13.1 miles) in 1:58 so I could have almost beat my car on this trip. The whole time I’m sitting in the car I was just wishing I was like the other 90% and wearing shorts and a tank top because no matter how high that A/C was cranked up the sun was beating on my legs/face/etc…

Photo of the Day – The Hollywood Bowl Overlook

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
I took a road trip from the airport to Mulholland Drive which has a nice overlook of the Los Angeles area from the Hollywood Bowl. I always knew there had to be a nice place to sit and take in the ‘city of lights’ but until I saw an article in Popular Photography magazine that listed Mulholland Drive as one of the most photogenic drives in America I never knew that it existed. Apparently there was a movie that made the drive popular but clearly I haven’t watched it.


5 thoughts on “Hollywood Bowl (Los Angeles, California)

    • I have to go there four times a year for work and I usually stay on the coast so that I can avoid being in/around LA during the high traffic times. However, this time I wanted to shoot from Mulholland Drive – I satisfied that craze though. It will be awhile before I stay back downtown again.

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