Sunrise over Sprague Lake

Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the easier places to make it for sunrise to catch a glimpse of the light show on the Continental Divide. Unlike with Dream Lake you don’t have to wake up and hike an hour plus to get there – instead you just get out of your car and walk a quarter mile or so around the lake to get to this position. The views are almost as good as those at Dream Lake but without the need to lose an extra hour of sleep.

Photo of the Day – Sunrise over Sprague Lake

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
We are heading down to Greektown in Chicago. An article the current issue of American Airlines’ in flight magazine (American Way) prompted my interest in heading out for some saganaki tonight. The magazine isn’t available on line yet but should be up next week – if you are going to be in Chicago and want a rundown on the differences in the flavor and style of saganaki check it out.


7 thoughts on “Sunrise over Sprague Lake

  1. Stunning photo again and thanks for the tip about the saganaki and Greektown, hopefully I will be back in a years time – one of my favorite dishes .. that I got to know very well during my months of living in Athens.

    • We hope you make it back and it is such a delicious treat. I never knew that there were so many differences between the varying kinds – from cheeses to the way it is lit on fire.

      • So do I .. I plan to go back next late June … if the money is there, but I think they will be …
        And then I will visit Greektown – still loads of places I haven’t been in Chicago.

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