Castle in Black and White

It’s been awhile since I posted any pictures in Neuschwanstein Castle in the Black Forest area of Germany. Neuschwanstein is the former castle of “Mad King” Ludwig who essentially spent the family fortune building this masterpiece before his mysterious death in 1866. After his death his family opened the castle to the public (for a nominal fee) in an effort to recoup some of their families wealth.

Photo of the Day – The Mad King’s Castle

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Off to do some sight seeing around my home town today. The weather for late June is cool (low 70s) but will make for a much nicer day outside.


5 thoughts on “Castle in Black and White

  1. This is the castle, I believe, that Disney … had in mind when he created his.
    Stunning photo … I’m not a fan of B&W images .. but this I really like. You got the light .. and it’s dramatic in a pleasant way. Excellent job.

    • Thanks Viveka! And you are right it is the Disney castle (or at least one of the inspiring points). I’m trying to learn black and white but have always really loved color photos. The world is in color afterall so it is stuggle for me to try and imagine it all in monotone.

    • Thanks – I played with it a little bit but I’m pretty sure it is one of the basic pre-sets in Nik SilverEfx. I still don’t know how to do much in that program but I bought it as soon as Google bought them and the price went down drastically. I was afraid they’d raise it back up once sales picked up.

      • Niksoft is great, the price drop was unexpected but it seems that Google have kept to their word and kept it low. Unusual in this modern world.

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