Drinks at the Bank

The bar at the Westin in Minneapolis is a former bank and thus the name of the hotel bar is ‘The Bank’. They keep wine bottles – way more expensive that I can afford – in the vault by the elevators on your way to your room. I stay at a lot of hotels but the way this bar is laid out and the classiness of it really appealed to me. In the evenings they get a ‘hotel’ crowd but most of the people are well dressed and seem to be well mannered. Alot of times when staying in hotels on business trips you get some people that just ruin the experience for everyone involved. Something about this particular bar intrigued me – maybe it was the symmetry, maybe it was the woodwork, maybe it was the delirium from lack of sleep but I set my camera on the ledge and took a few shots. In the early morning hours, the place was clearly dead but it allowed me to capture what I saw as the beauty in it.

Photo of the Day – Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn…say what

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This was the early morning – 7ish – and thus there aren’t many people hanging out but breakfast was being served in the other room and after I ate I stopped and took a picture before heading back to my room to shower and get ready to fly back to Chicago.


One thought on “Drinks at the Bank

  1. Stunning bar … there is quite a lot of places, bars, hotels and restaurants that is called “The Bank” and installed in old bank buildings. We have one in Gothenburg, London, Dublin .. Edinburgh … great concept really, because the area are so massive. The bank I been to lately don’t have any money .. so maybe they should all be turned into social places where they serve good Mojitos!

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