It’s the only game in town

Now that basketball and hockey have wrapped up for the year it is now back to being fully baseball season so if you haven’t been watching there are some pretty amazing things happening in Motown. For one, Miguel Cabrera is tearing it up again this year and if not for the amazing power display that Chris Johnson is putting on he’d be leading all three triple crown categories again. Most of the rest of the guys have been hitting too (just not lately) and they have the highest team batting average in all of baseball (.279), second highest OPS, fourth most runs scored and the 3rd least amount of strikeouts. On the other side of the ball Max Scherzer is the leading candidate to win the Cy Young award with a 13 – 0 start to the season. The rest of the starting staff has been pretty good too as they hold the second best ERA in the AL – even with former Cy Young winner Justin Verlander looking human. With all of these positives you may wonder why they are just barely hanging on to first place in a weak AL Central division….it all comes down to the bullpen which has been a train wreck. They’ve made some changes recently and they may need to make some moves at the All-Star break but I think they’ll get it figured out and come October I hope to be back at a World Series game again.

Photo of the Day – Tigers in 3D

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
This was before the game three of the World Series last year in Detroit. Unfortunately they wound up being no match for the Giants in that series but they are doing a lot of things right this year so there is a strong possibility (and the Vegas oddsmakers are favoring them) that they finally bring home the championship this season.


5 thoughts on “It’s the only game in town

  1. Know nothing …. about basketball .. a little boring for my taste – but ice hockey … congratulations to the victory, Chicago …. but you have some brilliant Swedes in the team too.

    • The Swedes certainly have a good team and I am actually a Detroit Red Wings fan who have a lot of Swedes on their team. Their ability to scout talent there is on the main reasons they’ve been so good for so long.

      • Funny, when I arrived a year ago in Chicago – the handsome young man that checked me in at Hyatt – he was talking icehockey with me – he knew all the Swedes in US and Canada, I thought strange that somebody in Chicago have an icehockey passion like that. Didn’t know that you had such a great team. We are WC this year- we have many great players more abroad than at home.

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