Milan Cathedral – Altar to St. Giovanni Buono

One of the side altars in the Milan Cathedral (Il Duomo) is the Altar dedicated to San Giovanni Buono who was a bishop in Milan during the 7th Century. The altar is huge and immediately draws your eye up to it. As you can probably tell in looking through other pictures on my website I love taking photos in churches – I’m not overly religious or anything like that but I believe the beauty and sanctity of these places is tremendous. The way they were built and designed to inspire and awe patrons is magnificent. This altar is another example of that beauty.

Photo of the Day – Altar to St. Giovanni Buono

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They allow you to take photos in this church for a nominal fee (I think it was 3 or 4 Euro) but they don’t allow tripods and for good reason since it is always packed. Therefore, I had to use my handy little green pod (which is really just a little bean bag with a screw on it to hook the camera too) to take this picture and keep everything still for 15 – 30 seconds while the camera adjusted to the low light levels. The green pod while little turned out to be well worth the $20 investment as I used it quite a bit on this trip in churches and on roof tops where traditional tripods (and even the smaller, less obtrusive gorrilla pods) are not allowed.

If you are taking a trip anytime soon to Europe and plan to take indoor pictures I’d highly recommend buying one – they make them for all camera types – not just DSLRs. Here’s a link to their store with all the sizes.


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