10 Travel Photography Tips to Help Avoid the ‘I wish I would have moments’

So many times I’ve returned from trips and experienced that sinking feeling when you see a photo of something that was within walking distance or a short drive from where you were but for whatever reason you just missed it. It happens to the best of them but here is an article to help us all avoid those moments and make the best of the time we spend in an unfamiliar place.

10 Travel Photography Tips to Help Avoid Regrets When You Get Home

Photo of the Day – Sunrise at Mather Point

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
You wouldn’t think it but the Grand Canyon has to be one of, if not the, hardest places to photograph in the world. You’d think that since it is such a beautiful place that it’d be easy to take a good shot but therein lies the problem….the vastness and size of it is a large part of the beauty. There is so much that you just want to capture it all. In this shot I was swarmed with other photographers trying to take the shot from the exact same viewpoint so I couldn’t move (or else I’d lose my spot in the front row on the railing) so I had to try different compositions of the same shot. I zoomed in here and made the cliff the main subject of the photograph. The sunrising in the distance adds interest as does the darkened canyon below. Seeing the Grand Canyon absolutely takes your breath away. There is nothing like it.

9 thoughts on “10 Travel Photography Tips to Help Avoid the ‘I wish I would have moments’

    • Thanks alot Dwayne – traveling is the reason we take all those classes and work all the harder. I say if you work hard you play hard so make sure to take some time for yourself when you can and school is over.

  1. Brilliant link … thanks a million – will have it all in mind. The things that we … can’t catch every moment … and there will moments will always wished we would had caught, but so long as we save them in our hearts and soul, will be be okay for a lifetime.

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