A Monster in Florence

I read a book a few years back called the Monster of Florence that detailed how corrupt and sensationalizing the Italian police can be when they have a major crime – like the mass murderer that struck the Florence landscape from the 1960s through the 1980s. The details of the book are a little foggy know after the years but I recall that they pinned these mass murders on someone who ‘confessed’ to the crime after hours of interrogation. In addition, they arrested the author of the book and a private detective he had hired of ‘obstruction of justice’ because they were uncovering clues and following a legitimate path that the police either never seemed to think of or just flat out ignored because the ‘story’ didn’t sell that would have disproved the police’s theory that the murderer was part of a satanic cult who was potentially being cheated on by his wife and then extracting revenge on couples just as they entered into the act of love making in the Italian Countryside.

This was right around the start of the Amanda Knox trial from Italy in which she ultimately was found innocent after a circus of a trial in which they accused her and her boyfriend of playing some satanistic sex game before ultimately murdering her roommate at the time Merideth Kercher. At first (like most people I presume) assumed she was guilty but as the details of the case came out and it seemed less and less likely that this ‘game’ was actually played I grew skeptical. Then I read this book and I realized that there is nothing Italians love more than a little ‘true’ soap opera on the front page of the news paper and they certainly have it with Amanda Knox. I saw today that she is now going back on trial for murder and instead of coming at her with fact based testimony the main support for the retrial will be ‘a sex game gone wrong’. They love a good story – even when another life is at stake.

Photo of the Day – The Dome of Il Duomo

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
When this dome in the Duomo of Florence was completed by Vasari in the 1600s it was deemed by many to be a ‘monstrosity’ because of the other masters who were painting at the time. It depicts the Lost Paradise/Inferno written by Dante that described the seven layers of hell. Many found his characters to be ‘cartoonish’ and lacking in any real perspective. Four Hundred years later the monstrosity still stands and up close I thought it looked terrifying. Especially if you click on the picture to view it in X3 mode and look at the skeletons and the devils patrolling the depths of hell. I know if someone back then told me my eternity would be like that if I didn’t shape up….I’d listen.


3 thoughts on “A Monster in Florence

  1. You are so brilliant on this …. to catch the delicate details. Stunning photo again, of course. I never been to Florence, but it’s on my “must do list soon” – have a great weekend.

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