Baywatch in Black and White

Obviously this isn’t the Lifeguard stand from Baywatch – instead its the lifeguard stand that my father-in-law built that is on the beach we go to frequently in the summer. While we were there last week for the fourth of July I took a picture with my 10-stop ND filter to create some motion in the clouds and smooth the waves in the water of Lake Michigan. A 10-stop filter is a pretty thick and dark piece of glass that goes over the lens blocking a majority of the light that gets into the lens. Therefore, in instances like this where the appropriate exposure would have been 1/30 of a second I was actually able to keep the lens open for 30 seconds thereby creating the motion that you see. One thing I’d fix for next time would be to take a ‘regular’ picture just before this one so that motion in items I want stationary (like the flag atop the stand) can be masked over. This was my first time using this type of filter so it is a learning procedure and I’m sure I’ll make more mistakes down the road. The important thing is learning from them.

Photo of the Day – Lifeguard Stand

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The sunset last weekend while I was on the beach wasn’t all that great (too cloudy) but the one last night was pretty nice so there is a pretty good chance you’ll be seeing this lifeguard stand in some other beach shots in the next few weeks. Big meeting at work tomorrow so didn’t have a chance to work on anything else but preparation for that today. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the creative juices flowing Tuesday night.


2 thoughts on “Baywatch in Black and White

  1. This photo is just perfect. I love the melancholy of it and the calmness yet turmoil of it. Does that make sense? It does to me :). Wonderful, as always.

    • Thank you and it does. The being alone on a beach which is calm and relaxing yet somewhat sad at the same time since being on a beach should bring about feelings of happiness with those you are with. Luckily for me I like working alone – it allows me to take my time and not feel like I’m annoying other people.

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