The Sighs of Venice

Venice…what a lovely city but a city that is doomed to be overrun by its uniqueness and beauty. The city is sinking. Why? Because of tourism. What supports the city now? Tourism. What a double edge sword. An article today (featuring an image from almost this same spot) mentions this very dilemma that faces the small island of Venice. Each day 60,000 tourists (of course I was one too) converge onto the island of Venice – most of them coming on day trips from cruises as the cruise dockings have increased 439% in the last ten years – and overrun it. The constant barrage of people is slowly taking its toll and the city is sinking.

What do you do? Slow the tourism and slow the economy in that region yet you preserve the lands for future generations. Continue going as you are and the issue compounds but most likely those making decisions will be dead and pass that issue on to others. If I had to venture a guess it would be like all things political and just continue kicking the can down the road – praying that you are dead or out of office when the issue comes to a head.

Photo of the Day – The Sinking City

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
I woke up early one morning in Venice and went out shooting pictures of St. Mark’s Basilica and the famous San Marcos Plaza (square in front of the church) which extends down to the Grand Canal. What an immaculate site seeing the gondolas lined up and taking in the square without any other tourists (like myself) to ruin the experience. It was raining lightly on this day so the color in the sky was non-existant except for a line of pink just off the frame to the west of this shot. The other bad part about this morning is that most of St. Mark’s Basilica (on the outside) was undergoing restoration and thus the front of it was covered with scaffolding which prevented me from taking my own pictures of it.


4 thoughts on “The Sighs of Venice

      • I had been in Venice few years aga, in May. It was a real photo challange for me. Although the weather was good, I had only few good shots. Taking photo while in vaporetto moving fast and crowded, a city without hill for overlook etc, not easy to focus object since there were many things arounds etc.. Thus, when I saw your photo, I remembered the chalange of Venice and said a big woaaw! 🙂

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