Two Weeks from the Return

When I went to Banff in March I thought it was going to be a once in a lifetime trip. Flip forward four months and I will be heading back to Calgary quite a bit in the future. I now have three clients in Calgary and will be going there two or three times a year for the foreseeable future! Each trip I’ll try to leverage a trip to Banff or to a nearby Montana park. Two weeks from today I’ll be making the trip to Banff following a meeting with a client. Unfortunately, I’ll only get to stay through the weekend but happy that I’ll be able to catch a sunrise at Lake Moraine (the road was still closed because of snow in late March). In September my plan is to fly to Glacier National Park for a few days ahead of a meeting as I’ve never been there before. Business travel has its perks!

Photo of the Day – The Arch of Castle Mountain

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Walking up and down the banks of the Bow River for sunset at the base of Castle Mountain I noticed a snow arch that added some interest to the foreground and thought the cloud over the mountain looked cool (despite providing some cover to the jagged peaks). Not sure I’ll get to a sunset at Castle Mountain on my abbreviated August trip but have a feeling I’ll be back at some point.


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