Daybreak on the Vishnu Temple

The Vishnu Temple in the Grand Canyon is one of three prominent rock formations named after Hindu Gods. It received its name in the 1880s from Charles Dutton who published one of the first books on the geology of the Canyon. He believed that the canyon was such an important place that the names of its features should reflect all of the world’s cultures (from mythology to religion). Other examples of some of the rock formations names are Solomon Temple, Jupiter Temple, Cheops Pyramid and Tower of Ra.

Photo of the Day – Daybreak on the Vishnu Temple

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
It was too dark in the morning to see into the depths of the canyon but the horizon was lighting up and the colors were framing Vishnu’s Temple in the distance. I zoomed in the camera as far as it would go and took a single shot of the outline of the temple against the pink sky. As the sun breaks over the top of the canyon and everything below you lights up and the canyon comes to life…I’m not sure there is a better place in the world than the Grand Canyon to watch the day break.

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