Upcoming Trips

Looking forward to a couple of busy weeks of work and travel – there will be a lot of late nights but also some fun nestled in between.

In two weeks I’ll be in Calgary for meetings and then on to Banff (Aug 1 – 4). Two weeks later I’ll be in Dallas for a few days. Late August (21st – 25th) I’ll be in Denver for meetings and then on to Rocky Mountain National Park for a couple of days of hiking. I’m also excited that I just booked a four day trip to Glacier National Park in September (21 – 25) which is also for meetings in Calgary (Glacier in Northern Montana is only 4 hours away from Calgary)! Lastly, I’ll be in Philadelphia and New York in mid/late October (dates aren’t finalized yet but I have some reviews to do and I’ll make sure to get out for some photography).

In addition to what is set I will have some meetings scheduled in California and Houston in September but not 100% sure on the dates yet. It will be hectic but looking forward to it.

“When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another – and ourselves.”

― Jack Kornfield

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5 thoughts on “Upcoming Trips

  1. This is extraordinarily stunning!!! Thank you so much for your posts. I enjoy reading them so much. Always inspiring or insightful and beautiful artwork. I am so pleased to be following you 

  2. Some schedule you have … do you see your wife at all those days .. *smile Busy man, be careful so you don’t become too busy. Easily happens … been there and DONE!!!
    Your photo is amazing, truly amazing.

    • I see her sometimes – which is maybe a good thing since we truly appreciate that time together. Busy, busy, busy is a good thing but we always must make time for ourselves and I always try to do so.

      • That is great … and it’s important for your wife to have her own space too – if she has a busy life too .. it will work.
        I’m sure that you have it all sorted out between you.
        I looked trough my inbox … is it her birthday today ????
        Send my congratulations.

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