The Zoo

In Los Angeles, there is an abandoned zoo that sits out by Griffith Park. In doing some research before a recent business trip out there I came across a few pictures of it and knew that I had to get out there myself. Most of the old enclosures are surrounded by chain link fences but over the years the fences have broken down and are easily pulled away in order to enter into the enclosures.

Photo of the Day – Graffiti in the Zoo

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Obviously, a number of people have been in and left their mark on these enclosures. Historically, the doorways were separated by bars or a solid door so that the animals weren’t able to see each other. However, those doors were also mostly ripped out and destroyed which gave the perception of the long hallway between the cages. Luckily, I was here in the middle of the day because I imagine at night the ‘ghost zoo’ gets a little scary.


3 thoughts on “The Zoo

  1. Cool pictures! I’ve only seen the abandoned zoo during the LA Haunted Hayride, which admittedly means that I got fleeting glances as my eyes were mostly closed! I need to hike up there and check it out. Thanks for sharing, great post.

    • Thanks Karen! Glad you enjoy them. They must only do the haunted hayride at night. Not sure I’d want to be around there after dark – too many animal ghosts. Pet cemetery was NOT my favorite movie. Definitely hike up there and check it out during the day though.

      • It’s a Halloween Event. I generally can’t handle Halloween type events, especially ones with a high startle factor, but the Haunted Hayride is very well done!

        I will take a look during the day. Did you see any snakes? My boyfriend and I encountered rattlesnakes on our two recent Griffith Park hikes and it has made us a little nervous.

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