What is Heaven Like?

To me it is boarding a Canadian Regional Jet in route to Calgary for business meetings and some fun up in Banff and finding out that the seat next to you in Economy Plus is vacant. Then when you get to the meeting – rather than sit you down in a board room they tell you to hop in your car and drive to a bar down the street for some beers. Top that off with some dinner at the Calgary Tower and it was a pretty good day of ‘work’. Heaven should only be so kind. Now if only my meetings tomorrow go so smooth I’ll be a happy man.

Photo of the Day – The Rocks of Cinque Terre

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Over beers with my client this afternoon I find out that he also spent some time in Cinque Terre this past year. It got me thinking about just how beautiful of a place it is – perhaps one of the most beautiful on earth. A true gem. This picture was taken from the beach in Monterosso at sunrise. The sun was rising so it was still quite dark but the sky was starting to light with warm shades. I liked the way this composition set up because each of the rocks stood alone and then the mountain the background jutted off in the opposite direction. Add in the softness of the water to show some motion and I was very pleased with how it turned out. In the future – I have a 10 stop ND filter that should do a better job of making that water silky smooth but not having that I’m still happy with how the water looks. One of my favorite Cinque Terre pictures but really it could be anywhere in the world.


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