Next Vaction – Denver

Jury duty wasn’t half bad – it wasn’t great but not the nightmare I expected either. I didn’t get called into a jury room and for the most part the waiting area was pretty tame – it was large with a lot of light and big conference room style desks setup so I was able to spread out some work stuff and get a lot accomplished. They even let us out early (alot of plea deals) and thus I was able to hop on an earlier flight to Detroit. Spent the night tonight watching the Tigers get a ninth inning comeback over the (new) rival Indians and having dinner and drinks with some of my oldest friends. It is always nice to come home to Detroit and reconnect with old friends. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to happen enough because of all the work travel but luckily my travels brought me to Detroit tonight. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to a nice home cooked meal at my parents’ house.

Photo of the Day – Fall in Denver

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Last September when I was in Rocky Mountain National Park the leaves were just starting to change. By the time I made it back in November the color was completely gone. This year our meeting is in August and I doubt we will have any (non-green) colors in the trees. My wife is done with this semester in a couple of week and will be joining me for a few days of hiking in the park. We are both looking forward to the trip.


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