Daybreak in Joshua Tree

The sun rose on the horizon behind a large Joshua Tree in the middle of the dessert. I’ll be heading back to California next month and am considering making the drive to Joshua Tree again. I feel like the last time I was out there I missed a few photo opportunities because I had a call the next morning which forced me to hit the road shortly after I took this photo.

Photo of the Day – Joshua Tree Sunrise

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

30,000 Point Sign-up is Back!

I signed up for this last year just before it went away but if you don’t have this card and want to get a solid reward just for accessing some credit check out the Starwood Amex card which is offering 30,000 points for the signup. With those points we are going to stay a couple of nights at a five star hotel in Hawaii next April – there is a pretty low spend requirement and thus should be easy to access. Even if you aren’t interested in Hawaii there are plenty of other Westin’s the points will be good.

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