“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

― Paulo Coelho, Alchemist

Without dreams what is there to life – A few months back I wasn’t able to get to Lake Moraine and the Valley of Ten Peaks because the road leading up to it is only open a few months a year due to the heavy snow often found in Banff. Last weekend I was able to spend a morning there. We were there for sunrise and watched the peaks light up a bit but then we walked around the lake and made some other compositions (like the one below) as the light changed. I’ve got several from this morning that will ultimately make it up on this blog and I just spent the past thirty minutes going through my pictures from that trip. I’m very fortunate to have the opportunities to travel like I do and I’m happy to say that I’m loving every minute of it. Sure there are downsides like last week when I got home late Sunday night only to empty that suitcase and pack another for a trip on Monday. When I finally saw my wife on Friday night I felt like I hadn’t (and really hadn’t except for a minute here or there) saw her in a week. There are some tradeoffs and things aren’t always perfect but they are always interesting.

Photo of the Day – The Valley of the Ten Peaks

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
This was about an hour after sunrise. We hiked down from a viewpoint where we caught sunrise over the lake with some pretty sweet reflections and I popped the 10 stop Neutral Density filter on the camera. I wanted to capture the clouds streaming across the sky over the mountain to add some interest to the shot. I think I may have left it open just a tad too long (I think this was three or four minutes) but overall I’m pleased with how the shot came out.


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