A Beautiful Blip on the Mediterrean

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In Cinque Terre, the path that winds along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea was closed (temporarily) to tourists due to a mudslide that occurred in 2010. Therefore, we weren’t able to take the relaxing route that was created for us to hike along the sea and take in the views. Instead you have to go up into the hills – a pretty steep hike and then head back down to the next town. There were a number of fences setup to prevent people from getting out to this spot but given that it was nearing sunset there wasn’t a lot of traffic on the trails. I slid my camera equipment under the fence and then climbed up a tree and jumped over the fence. Nervously, I quickly moved away from the fence and snuck over to this spot which looked back onto the town of Monterosso. This gives a good perspective of just how tiny the town is – only around 1,500 permanent residents – in relation to the hills in the distance.

Photo of the Day – A Beautiful Blip

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Just a tiny blip in the upper right hand corner of this picture but a much larger part of my heart. One of the most relaxing and peaceful places that I’ve been too. The seafood was so fresh – most caught right that day – and the wine was (mostly) local as well. We visited our share of wineries (there was only two in town) and drank a lot of the local wines.


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