Moraine Valley in Rocky Mountain National Park

We are heading out to Rocky Mountain National Park next week after my wife’s final exams are over. I have a meeting in Denver on Thursday but after that we should be free to hike and relax for the next three days before coming home in the afternoon on Sunday. Usually when I’m out there I spend sunrise to sunset taking pictures for three straight days but this time it will be a much more relaxing trip. I’ll still (in all likelihood) get up early for sunrise and weather dependent catch a nice sunset. The days are much more reasonable now with sunrises at 6:20 and sunsets at 7:45 so I won’t be waking or heading out at 3:30 like I was the last trip to the park. This time I’ll try to avoid being attacked by a Mama Moose.

Photo of the Day – A River Runs Through it

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Over the last few years RMNP has really become my home away from home. I’m out there once every three months and I’m starting to really learn the park quite well. I can close my eyes and picture the mountains and the valleys. See the reflections off of the lakes. It is a beautiful place and thankfully – because Woodrow Wilson established it as a National Park in 1915 – the lands are mostly left untouched. It is amazing that you can be within thousands of people one minute but after a twenty minute drive you wind up far away from anyone at all. Such a great place to escape and just enjoy the solitude.


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