The Spanish Steps

Rome is always bustling with excitement and energy and no other area of Rome is as intense and exciting as the Spanish Steps. No matter the time of day or night the steps are crowded with people. During the day it is tourists looking for a place to rest their weary feet from visiting museums and churches all day. By night, the tourists are still there but for other reasons – here the people watching is amazing and it is a good place to have a beer, glass of wine and just enjoy the craziness that is a Roman holiday.

Photo of the Day – Roman Spanish Steps

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Coming back to Rome for the second time this is one of the places I kept romanticizing in my head leading up to the trip. Don’t get me wrong – it is beautiful but I in my memory it was much less….busy. Even now as I type this I don’t recall it being quite so busy. When I look at the pictures I don’t recall any of that craziness but I do remember the ‘good’ memories – like relaxing on the steps with my wife, soaking in the energy and trying to avoid the overly pushy flower sellers.


6 thoughts on “The Spanish Steps

  1. Fantastic shot again … I love the warm color it has. It was my home landmark during my visit in Rome – stayed just on top of the steps. I never seen the flowers on the steps … it was bags every day, in all sizes.

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