Italian Masterpiece

The Duomo Cathedral in Florence, Italy is one of the true masterpieces strewn throughout a beautiful country. Finished in the 1400s the Church has stood the test of time. The exterior is unlike anything else that we saw in Italy and the interior is magnificent as well. We took this on the same evening that we watched the sunset over the River Arno. From what I’ve been told the sunsets in Florence, for whatever reason, are fairly rare and not as colorful as this one so I consider myself lucky. This was definitely the best evening color we had during our trip over there in April.

Photo of the Day – Duomo at Sunset

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We are in the process of planning our trip for next April. Initially, we thought we were going to head to Hawaii but alas the dates we were looking to go were ‘expensive’ on miles so now we are setting our sights on South America or maybe the Caribbean. Either way it will be nice and after the past few days of work it can’t come fast enough.


7 thoughts on “Italian Masterpiece

    • Thank you! We weren’t too fond of Milan – not that into fashion. I’d rather be in Florence which was (going into the trip) the city I was least looking forward to but am so happy we went there and hope we get back again.

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