First Look at Lake Moraine

When I was in Banff in March the eight mile road to Lake Moraine was closed to automobile traffic so I wasn’t able to get a look at the most photographed lake in North America. It wasn’t until this past trip that I was able to get out to Lake Moraine for a sunrise. This picture is literally the first glimpse of the lake that I got. You walk up a flight of steps to the top of a rock pile overlooking the lake – an observation deck with benches and the like sits on top of the rock pile for the throngs of other tourists that arrive in the middle of the day. As soon as I stepped foot on the observation area I took my tripod out – mounted the camera and took this picture. Over the next hour or so – as the light changed (marginally because of cloud cover) – I took a number of other shots from different angles/perspectives. Without a doubt I can see why this is considered on of the most beautiful places in the world and Lake Moraine was worth the wait.

Photo of the Day – Lake Moraine Pre-Dawn

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