Church of Gold

The Cathedral Di San Marco is one of the world’s most historic churches and sits in the heart of Venice, Italy. It is well known for it’s exterior, which for Italy is somewhat unique, in that it is Byzantine Architecture. Unfortunately, the exterior was being ‘touched up’ while we were in Venice so the exterior was shrouded in scaffolding. The interior though is why the church earned the nickname ‘Chiesa d’Oro’ (Church of Gold). The upper part of the interior is lined with intricate mosaic tiles containing gold, bronze and a number of other precious metals and stones. Each of the murals tells a story – ranging from politics of the day to religion. The intricacy of the designs and expense of the tiles flaunted the wealth of the leading family of Venice and clearly displayed the power that resided within the city, which served as the capital of one of Italy’s most wealthy regions going back to the 1100s.

Photo of the Day – The Roof of Gold

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We spent the day today doing a lot of hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. I’ve got my alarm set for 3:30 tomorrow morning and I’m going to head up to Emerald Lake to capture sunrise. It’s a little over two miles from the trailhead and gains some elevation. I shouldn’t have a problem making the 6:20 sunrise as long as I get on the trail by 4:30. It should give me plenty of time to set up the camera and capture the changing light on Hallett Peak.


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