Sunsetting on Another Weekend Away

We spent the weekend hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park and of course I spent a decent amount of time taking pictures. While I am always sad to finish up a few days without work or anything else nagging for my attention I am ready to get back to it. Plus this week is Fantasy Football draft week. I’ve got drafts on Tuesday and Thursday night. This week will set up my mood for the next three months.

Photo of the Day – Beach Sunset

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I love sunrises and sunsets (you probably know that from all the pictures of them) and how the color changes seemingly second by second. This morning I caught sunrise at Emerald Lake and the sunrise was at 6:20. The sun came up struck the mountain and by 6:40 the color was gone. As I flipped through my photos though the color from minute to minute was vastly different and by 6:40 you wouldn’t even be able to tell the time of day because the harsh light hitting the mountain looked like a mid-day sun. It isn’t always easy to hop out of bed in the morning but seeing the beauty of nature makes missing a few hours of sleep well worth it.


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