Comparison Shopping

If there was ever any question whether comparison shopping for airfares on a daily basis makes sense I’ll give you a few examples of why it does:

Monday, August 26th I booked the following fares:

9/4 – ORD – RST; MSP – ORD for a price of $218
9/11 – ORD – LAX for a price of $288
9/18 – ORD – IAH for a price of $248

Today, just because I realized how cheap the fares were I went back and looked at the same tickets – same flights, times, class, everything and here were the prices today:

9/4: $248 (+$30)
9/11: $447 (+$159)
9/18: $1,148 (+900)

What a difference a couple days make!
Why is it so expensive to fly to Houston (IAH) from Chicago when both American and United each have multiple daily flights from O’Hare? I’ll never know….but I was amazed to get it for only $248 when it typically costs closer to the $1,148 that it was selling for today. I know there are myths about when the best time to purchase a ticket is. However, as I think the above examples will show – you just never know so it always makes sense to check back daily, heck hourly, to see what if any movement there has been in the price of a ticket.

Photo of the Day – The Bridge

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
The historical stone bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A fantastic structure and something that has withstood a lot from the mighty Mississippi. So much so that it is one of the only original bridges left on the river.


2 thoughts on “Comparison Shopping

  1. Stunning photo … now up there with one of my favorites of yours.
    This with airline tickets … sometimes the cheap fares are when we book early and sometimes they are when we book late. Doesn’t make us, the customers, any wiser.
    You have really got a bargin for the last flight, scary really – how can a price increase that much .. they are ripping us off. *smile .. Fly save.

    • Sorry I’ve been away – autoposting alot because of how busy work and travel has been – I did get a bargain and I agree they are ripping us off. It is amazing that they can charge that much (and it legitimately was a one day thing – I should have looked at Hawaii tickets for my wife and I) to Houston anyways since I think the appropriate number is closer to what I paid then to the $1,000 it typically is. A few more weeks of travel then I’m back to being home for a couple weeks before heading to Philly/NYC for a week in October.

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