Mussolini’s Masterpiece

Central Station in Milan, Italy was built during the Dictator Mussolini’s reign over Italy. Therefore, the look of the station – industrial, imposing and monumental – should be no surprise. It was built as a sign of the strength and power of Italy and today remains one of the few train stations in Italy that has continued to operate after WWII.

Photo of the Day – Monumental

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The European rail system is so efficient that it makes the system in the US an embarrassment. I’ve heard it is better out east – where like Europe the cities are closer together – but in the Midwest the train from Chicago to Detroit (a four hour drive) takes anywhere from six to eight hours. In Europe, with the speed of the trains it is faster (and easier) to ride the rails in comparison to any other form of transportation.

We were in the Central Station waiting for our train to the beautiful Cinque Terre. If you ever stop there and want to take photos – you should know that the police do not like it. I was asked to stop and told that they do not allow photos without a permit. You can get a permit at a shop down the street but since we were heading out I decided not to file for it. The policeman was nice enough to let me fire off a few last shots but my hope of spending the half hour before our train ride getting a lot of good shots of this magnificent structure were dashed.


4 thoughts on “Mussolini’s Masterpiece

  1. Amazing photo, I’m surprised that you can’t take photos with a permit, but some airports is the same … I think the best invention we have in Europe is the Eurostar – that connects London with Paris & Brussels.

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