Venice Traffic

After a death on the canals a couple weeks back Venice is finally introducing some more stringent rules and regulations for traffic in the canals. When we were there back in April the only word I could think of to describe it was ‘chaos’. There were boats going in all directions – big garbage boats, small gondola boats, speed/power boats, etc… Many of these folks undoubtedly were not licensed to operate their respective vehicles and/or they were under the influence of some afternoon enjoyments. Recently, George Clooney came under investigation for operating a boat without a proper license so apparently the Polizia are getting more strict.

Photo of the Day – Canals in the Afternoon

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
We did not take a gondola ride while we were there – I have to say after seeing the ‘gondoliers’ I can’t imagine why anyone would want to experience this. For one, the cost of a ride is absurd but secondly the gondoliers all seem exactly the opposite of what I’d imagine. Most of them – despite spending hours rowing tourists around the canal – are out of shape, smoke cigarettes and our loud and obnoxious. I’m sure there is the occasional guide who doesn’t fit this description but most of the ones we saw fit this exactly.


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