La La Land

I do love going out to LA for work – not necessarily because I love sitting on the plane but because I get to check out landscape and scenery that I don’t often see here in the Midwest. Yes, LA is much like Chicago but I only head to LA for the actual meetings. Otherwise I spend my time in Santa Monica or one of the other beaches. Tomorrow I’m going to head to Matador Beach because I’ve heard they have some pretty sweet rock formations jutting out into the Pacific Ocean that will make a nice foreground for a picture. The weather looks nice so I’m hoping I don’t get a repeat of the fog in San Diego that I had to deal with the last time I tried to head out to the coast.

Photo of the Day – Streaking Lights

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My last trip out there I spent the night in the city but it didn’t quite feel the same as my past trips to California when I’ve ventured to the Coast, Joshua Tree or elsewhere. I’ve still got to drive up to Yosemite – that trip sort of got side tracked because I decided to go to Glacier National Park in a few weeks instead. The wildfires near Yosemite played partially into that decision – the good news with the park system is you know that they should be there for a long time regardless of what mother nature throws at them. Thus, half dome will have to wait for 2014.


2 thoughts on “La La Land

  1. oOo thank you for introducing me to matador beach. I think they might have filmed a blink 182 video out there. Anyway, adding this to my must visit before summer/fall ends

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