Close Call

I had a preliminary bike ride this morning (40 miles) to get me ready for the 29th when I’ll be cranking out 100 miles. I wasn’t too concerned with the whether or not Michigan was going to win the game today but then when I got off the bike and checked the score it was 7 – 3 at halftime. The finish was just as climatic. Tonight – watching the Notre Dame game – maybe last week’s game was overhyped a bit since both teams are struggling with what should be subpar opponents.

Photo of the Day – Heaven’s Boulevard

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
In New Orleans we spent some time in Cemetery #1. I always like checking out the craftmanship of headstones. When I’m dead and gone I hope of a nice headstone that people photograph – I don’t know why but that sort of thing just seems like a good idea to me – forget inheritance – invest in a headstone it will last longer.

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