Matador Beach

Just north of Santa Monica lies Matador Beach – a public beach in on the California coast. The beach is well known to photographers, and for good reason, because of the rock formations that jut out into the ocean and provide an interesting foreground to the amazing sunsets on the west coast. People in California are spoiled with sunsets – every night the sunsets out over the ocean. If there isn’t a heavy layer of clouds on the horizon they see amazing color like this everytime. It is not as easy everywhere else in the country where buildings, mountains, etc…impede the best moments of the sunrise.

Photo of the Day – Matador Beach

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Last Tuesday I ended my day with a sunset on the beaches of California. Tomorrow night I’m thinking about taking in an Astros – Reds game at Minute Maid Park in Houston. My flight doesn’t land until six but I figure by the time I get to the hotel, check-in, etc… I should be able to walk right over to the game and find a decent seat. They are only drawing a couple grand a night and may be the worst team in all of baseball. As we say in Chicago (for the Cubs) and Detroit (for the Lions) there is always next year. We don’t think it can possibly get worse – yet somehow it can.


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