Two Jack Lake – Banff National Park

So the streak had to come to an end at some point. For as much traveling as I’ve done the past year my delays and time spent parked on the Tarmac has been minimal. In fact, it is hard for me to recall my last delay that was more than a half hour or so. Today I was hit with a bit of bad luck in that we took off from Houston expecting a break in the weather in Chicago around the time of our scheduled landing. We circled in a holding pattern a few hundred miles from the airport before they finally gave us the clearance to go in thinking that it might be clear when we arrived.

Unfortunately the weather stayed stubborn and despite landing safely on the ground they shut O’hare down because of lightning in the area which prevented ground personnel from doing what they needed to do to safely get planes in and out of their gates. Therefore, despite being a hundred yards from happiness we sat on the plane for a couple of hours waiting for a gate to open up so we could get off the plane.

Photo of the Day – Two Jack Lake

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