Making your Dreams a Reality

Read a post the other day from a full-time travel blogger who a few short years ago was a high school teacher and it resonated with me as I’m sure we’d all like to make some changes. No matter how small they are – simply doing the five things on this list will push you closer (I highly recommend checking her list out because the words are imperative). Especially the fourth one – too often I’m confronted with negative attitudes. I’m guilty of it far too often as well but I’ve gotten better over the last two years of pushing those feelings back down inside. Nothing has benefited me more than this and I have to imagine if others were a little more upbeat that good things would come to them as well.

Photo of the Day – Duomo in Milan

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Early morning in Milan – an empty square in front of one of Europe’s most unique churches. All about the power of positivity.


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