Off to Glacier

I’m heading off to Glacier National Park tomorrow for four days and three nights. I’ve got a five AM wake up call so keeping it brief tonight.

We’ve been talking about heading back to Washington DC next year for a few days. I love all the history and the monuments there so I’m always looking for another excuse to go. Add that to the construction that the city was under while we were there and the lack of any decent sunrises or sunsets and I’ll definitely welcome giving all the pictures a second shot.

Photo of the Day – Lincoln

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
I went to the Lincoln Memorial one morning – the guards were fine with me setting the tripod up and taking some pictures (which I did) but I didn’t want to abuse their kindness so I shot a bunch of single exposures handheld – including this one of a closeup on the statues face. The monument is huge – but compared to when I was in seventh grade and went here on a school trip it (and everything in Washington DC) seemed pretty small. I guess that is what happens as we get older and don’t find everything we see to be so much larger than life. Of course, I haven’t gotten much taller since seventh grade so it is definitely all mental.


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