Nightfall on the Colosseum

Well my first look at the mountains in Glacier National Park were nothing short of spectacular. It is easy to see why the Going-to-the-sun road is considered along the prettiest in the entire world. It is a scary road too with all the twists and turns, blind curves, etc…. Luckily I’m here ‘out-of-season’ so the traffic isn’t too bad. The bad news with that is the road shuts down for construction on Monday so I had to book another hotel on the west side of the park and eat the money on the one I already booked on the East side. Otherwise it would have meant an additional couple hours of driving time each day to enter the park because I would have had to go completely around it and enter from the west side rather than through it.

A failure in my planning this time as I didn’t read everything in the GNP website ahead of booking my hotel. Next time I’ll do a better job planning ahead.

Photo of the Day – Nightfall on the Colosseum

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In Rome, Italy back in April we got in after a long day but I just had to go and see the Colosseum before we went to our favorite pizza place there called Antica Pizzeria Fratelli (and home of the Est! Est! Est! wine – which admittedly was MUCH sweeter than I remember it being five years ago when we visited for the first time). I took a number of shots with the moon shining brightly on the historic Colosseum.


8 thoughts on “Nightfall on the Colosseum

    • Wow! Thanks Viveka. I appreciate that. I really liked the way this shot came out as well so in glad so many others liked it.

      It has been raining non-stop in glacier the past thirty six hours which has made it challenging to take photos. You can’t even see the mountains/glaciers unless you are in the shadows of them.

      • Sorry, to hear that you haven’t been lucky with the weahter – what a pity. I know that photos is rain can come out very good too – but if you can’t see the objects …

        You’re photo of Colosseum is fantastic – it reminds me about Il Divo’s concert at Colsseum … it was full moon too. Excellent job.

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