Sunrise over Sprague Lake

What a difference a few months make – I visited Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park in May and in August and the water levels were markedly different in one of the park’s easiest accessible lakes.

The picture below was taken in nearly the same place as the May photo but in the one below the rocks in the foreground are much more prominent. This lake does freeze over but in November when I’m back there I expect – with all the flooding they’ve had – that the rocks may not even be noticeable.

Photo of the Day – Sprague Lake

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
I was browsing a website this afternoon – Images of RMNP – and I was getting so jealous that this guy had such easy access to the park and was able to get there so frequently (a few times a week) to capture the perfection that is the natural landscape. After my week in Glacier National Park where I rarely saw the sunny skies it is such an advantage to be so close that you can pick and choose the weather you take the pictures in. Of course, the fact that a place never looks the same – similar yes but never the same – based on when you are standing there in that unique moment is one of the appealing things to me. Alot of my pictures – certainly the early ones – were copies of photographers I’d seen online but no matter what I could never perfectly emulate it because the conditions the photograph was taken in always differed.


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