Sunrise over Emerald Lake

I woke early one morning and hiked a few miles to Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park to catch the sunrise. The day before Gretchen and I hiked to this lake as well and when we got there I knew that I had to come back the next day to take pictures of it in better light. I got lucky this particular morning as the cloud cover to the East was minimal so I knew I’d wind up with some nice color on the mountain as the sun first popped up. I’ve said it before but Hallett’s Peak (on the left/middle of this image) is one of my favorites anywhere in the world. However, what I saw the day before that made me want to hike up here for sunrise were the jagged peaks of Flattop Mountain (why named that I don’t know? Irony?) and the dead tree that is in the foreground of this shot. The day before this ledge was swarmed with people and so I couldn’t get a good shot of the tree but I knew it would look interesting and provide perspective to the nearly 13,000 foot mountains in the distance.

The color didn’t disappoint and despite being into landscape photography for a couple of years the quickness that the color changes continues to amaze me. If you miss those first 20 – 30 minutes after sunrise you are screwed as the pink/orange color is replaced with the harsh light of nearly mid-day sun despite being only 7 in the morning.

Photo of the Day – Sunrise over Emerald Lake

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Off to Philly on a 6:30 AM flight tomorrow for a week of work. I’ll also being trying to take some pictures – mainly tomorrow – while there and stuffing my face with Cheesesteaks. Initially, I planned on heading to NYC for the weekend after this trip but decided to scratch the trip. No doubt I’ll make it to NYC one day but since my wife couldn’t come because of school I decided it’d be best to wait for her to be able to come with me.

4 thoughts on “Sunrise over Emerald Lake

  1. I really like Philly … and a piece of a great cheesecake I will enjoy, but nothing I would stuff myself with – I hope you have a fantastic stay … and that there will be some photos as an end results and some great business too.

    • I ate two cheesesteaks (thinly sliced steaks and cheez whiz) on Monday night after not eating all day since I wanted to save myself. They were delicious but of the two ‘famous’ places I’d recommend Pat’s Cheesesteaks over Geno’s Cheeseteaks as the meat tasted better and the onions were more grilled. Everything else (bun, cheese, etc…) were sort of standard between the two with limited difference.

      • I must laugh here … because I read it as cheesecake .. not cheese-steaks !!! How funny this came out. Never heard about cheese-steaks before, so I will look it up with help of Google.
        I’m glad that you got your share of Philly cheese-steaks, will check out the places you had them on too. Welcome back to Chicago.

      • Cheesesteaks – thinly sliced steak and cheez-whiz although I did not get mine with the cheez-whiz. I went with provolone. They were good even in the non-traditional sense.

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