An Evening in Rome

Pasta, wine, more wine, gelato followed by grappa to help it all digest….that is about what every night in Rome was like. The area outside of The Pantheon is lively but not nearly as obnoxious as some of the other more popular night spots – Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain – so you don’t have vendors trying to sell you flowers or flying light up helicopter things every two steps. However, as you can see the crowds are still very lively and there are alot of people out. We were on our way back from dinner and going to get gelato at one of our favorite places when I stopped to take this shot.

Scott Kelby has a free online video showing some of his photographs from Rome (aptly called a Walk in Rome) which made me really want to go back through my pictures and relive those memories. Next year in April we are off to Belize – just booked the trip last week. My travel guide arrived this week and I’ll start figuring out what we want to do there. It will be different from our Italy vacation since I think we will only go to two distinct regions instead of four/five like we try to do when we head to Europe.

Photo of the Day – Dinner at the Pantheon

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


2 thoughts on “An Evening in Rome

  1. I’ve been also going through my pictures from my last trip to Italy but when I saw your picture it was like I can remember dinner in a a sidewalk cafe near the Vatican and I can taste the meal, listen to the traffic and all the wine. You said Grappa. OMG jet fuel there isn’t anything better after a long meal. Americans need ot learn the art of dinner.

    • That is great to hear – happy that the picture can bring back all those memories. Grappa is like paint thinner but once you get through it all you somehow feel like you didn’t just eat two (or three) giant bowls of pasta! I don’t know how Italians stay so thin with all the courses that dinner involves.

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