Trail of Cedars – Glacier National Park

One of the easier trails in Glacier National Park is called the ‘Trail of Cedars’. It is flat, short and handicap accessible (ramps and bridged the whole loop around). As a result it is generally packed with other hikers – and for good reason – because it is a really beautiful area of the park. My last in Glacier National Park was one of a constant drizzle. The ‘Going-to-the Sun’ Road had just closed for the season and the weather was piss poor at best…..which means it is a perfect time to try and take pictures of water – waterfalls, streams, lakes, etc… – the good thing with water (as long as you have a tripod) is that in overcast and otherwise poor lighting conditions you can capture the motion of the water as a result of the relatively dark skies.

Photo of the Day – Trail of Cedars

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Other than a photo tour group that was hiking this well traveled trail there was no one else out here on this drizzly day. I let the photo group do there thing and then I stepped in and took some shots. They got back on the bus and went elsewhere but I wound up spending around three hours tracing this stream/waterfall up and down for miles (off the Trail of Cedars) finding places to take what are hopefully unique vantage points of it.

As I’ve started to take more landscape photos I must say that water is quickly becoming one of my most favorite subjects. I really like how the silky water effect looks after a second+ exposure.


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