Five Ways to Travel Hack your way to your Next Vacation

I saw an article earlier about ways to find the time and the resources to take your next vacation and am happy to say that I do all of these things already. Another thing that also jumped out at me was that on average Americans do not use 11 vacation days per year – this is ridiculous to me! I bring that average down quite a bit.

Photo of the Day – The Bank of the River Arno

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
In Florence, Italy back in April during our trip overseas back in April. Every year around this time we book a vacation for the following year and always use airline miles. That is one of the benefits of traveling for work – but if you used travel hacks (specifically playing the credit card game for airline points) you could fly overseas once a year and do the same thing. If you have good credit it is worth it!


3 thoughts on “Five Ways to Travel Hack your way to your Next Vacation

  1. Here is another that goes on the top list – planning to visit Florence this spring coming.
    11 days holiday .. over here we have 5 fully paid weeks of holiday and we use every day and take out some extras too. We Swedes are those that travel abroad most .. of all.

  2. Thanks Viveka and I envy you Swedes and your vacation – although I do make sure to take all my vacation every year. I quit a job earlier in my career where my work life balance was so tilted to work that I was going insane. Luckily, my current position has allowed me a much greater flexibility to travel.

  3. I still use miles to travel. I accumulated a F*** amount of points. I love American and I am Platinum for life although I am about to lose my Executive status since I stop working. Great pictures.

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