Busted in Banff

Arrived in Banff around 2 PM this afternoon. My plan was to come up to the mountains and take some pictures – I knew I was unlikely to catch any fall colors since fall happens here much earlier than it does in Chicago – but I thought I’d be able to catch some of the early season ice on the various lakes that freeze completely over in the winter. Unfortunately, as I drove into Banff the weather kept getting worse and worse – when I arrived in town it was a full out winter storm and as I sit here and type this I can barely see out my hotel window because the snow is coming down so hard. I knew snow was a possibility but pretty terrible luck for me since the mix of rain and snow isn’t too conducive to taking any type of unprotected electronic gear outside.

Photo of the Day – Winter in Johnston Canyon

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Last March, when I came to Banff this is what Johnston Canyon looked like just as it was starting to thaw out. I may head on over here tomorrow if the weather holds out to see if I can catch the many waterfalls before they completely freeze over. The weather report for tomorrow does look slightly better and I doubt the snow will be deep enough to not allow me to go out and get some hiking in.


4 thoughts on “Busted in Banff

  1. Incredible. I was just in Banff a week ago and no snow at all. Wow! I hiked into Johnston Canyon. Are they allowing tourist to go up to Sulfur Mountain on the gondola? Do you think you’ll do that?

    Have a great time!

    • I hiked through the Canyon and spent a few hours there because the weather was so poor and the overcast light worked well with all the waterfalls. I didn’t go up to Sulphur Mountain because visibility was so poor but I think it was open. Enjoyed your tour on your blog of your week there. Such a beautiful place!

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