The Future of Flying….and I’m not looking forward to it

This morning on a private jet Gogo – the company that has brought wifi to thousands of planes in the air – unveiled their newest technology….an app that will allow passengers to text and talk while thousands of feet in the air. Thus, the future of flying involves hearing that annoying conversation at an ‘outside’ voice level instead of the current (relatively) quiet and peaceful hum of airplane engines. This is the technology I knew would ultimately get here but I’m dreading the roll out of it. Why is it necessary? Can we not go 3 – 4 hours without being on the phone? The wifi technology allowed for the use of email, Facebook Messenger or other ways to stay in contact if in that rare instance it was absolutely necessary to be somewhat available but in all reality who is that important? Maybe the people on private jets need the technology but if you are flying commercial like me and coach at that you are not that crucial and neither is your conversation. Do what I do and take the time to focus on reading a good book without all the distractions – TV, music, email, etc… – that seems to get in the way in our day to day life.

Photo of the Day – Twilight in Cinque Terre

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
I snuck over a fence that walled this path off from the main trail. This is the usual trail along the Mediterranean Sea that most walk from Monterrosso to Vernazza. However, because of the 2011 floods that hit the area the trail was still under construction when we visited in April. I was a bit nervous when I crawled under the fence and had to scamper over some downed trees to get to this viewpoint. However, watching the moonrise over the Mediterranean was worth it. In the distance you can see the towns of Volastra, Manarola and Riomaggiore.


5 thoughts on “The Future of Flying….and I’m not looking forward to it

  1. Prior to me stop working I was an Executive Platinum Mmeber of American Airlines’ club for donkey years. The one place I could always claim some quiet time was 35,000 feet up. No listening to stupid asses trying to impress all of us, total strangers, and now that’s gone.

    • Completely gone – so disappointing that they made this change. It isn’t at all going to improve the quality of a flight and like you said now we are going to have to hear the comments of strangers while the fight, bicker or just act like complete assholes because they are so self-important.

      • I have this expression – people are stupid at two places: behind the wheel of a car and at the airport. A friend told me a story which I think is very funny but also demonstrates my point. He was going from LAX to Heathrow on British Airways and yes he was in the back of the plane. The flight attendents were serving the meal when one flight attendent began to push the cart back to the galley. A woman stopped her and said in a very indigant voice what about my meal. I need to eat. The young lady smiled back and said, ” I need to get more dinners.” I would loved to known what she was thinking during the exchange.

      • I was on a plane today and it seems that people just think the ‘attendants’ are more like servants. The way they treat them is really appalling. Society as a whole needs to learn some damn manners!

      • Society needs to understand if you don’t want to be treated in that fashion don’t do it to others. Two words go a long way: Please and Thank You.

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