First Light on Mount Rundle

Back in August when I was in Banff I went over to my favorite location – Vermillion Lakes – which is about a five minute drive from the main town. It really has everything since there are calm and often unfrozen lakes (even in the winter) to capture reflections and plenty of places to hike around. I tend to spend a full day there starting with sunrise pictures, breaking for lunch to head back into town and then sunset at the same location and never seem to get bored.

Photo of the Day – Mount Rundle at First Light

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
I have a legit shot at earning Platinum status on American Airlines this year – I’m at 40,000 miles and need to get to 50,000 to get the status. A trip out to LA should help as should a couple other shorter flights that I have between now and the end of the year. If necessary I may have to make a status run near the end of the year where I just fly to earn miles. There are a couple other ways to get there – as indicated in this article on earning ‘Last-Minute Elite Status Qualification‘ It seems silly but the bonus (100% mileage bonus) versus gold status (25% mileage bonus) could equate to a future round trip ticket to Europe. At this point though I’m really kicking myself for taking two United Airlines flights to Calgary as opposed to flying American – each segment of that trip accounts for around 1300 miles and I usually have to connect through Dallas which adds an additional 500 on each way. Put those two flights in and I’d have made Platinum pretty easy this year. Damn – next year I’ll stick with one airline as much as possible especially if I get to Platinum.

3 thoughts on “First Light on Mount Rundle

    • I used to post everyday and there are some others from Banff on the site but now I’m down to three or four times a week but I think the quality will be a better because I won’t just be trying to find something to post each and every day. Thanks again.

      • I am glad to hear that I am not the only one thinking about what to post. I have now decided to include my commentaries on life, stupid and absurd things going on around me as well as allow my somewhat irrevent personality to show through. It’s who I am.

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