Slow and Steady

He who wishes to be rich in a day will be hanged in a year

– Da Vinci

We are coming up on about a three years since I first caught the photography bug. When I go back and look at pictures that I took in December 2010 when down in New Orleans with my wife for Christmas the quality of the photos is completely different from the stuff I’ve taken in the last six to twelve months. It’s funny though because when I was taking and posting those pictures (like this one) to Flickr I felt they were really high quality and comparable to some of the ‘pros’ that I see on other websites today. It’s obvious looking back that it wasn’t the case and I think I’ll look back in a few years and feel the same way about my current work. The whole process of photography and the constant learning has been rewarding and hey who knows maybe using that creative side of my brain will make me live longer as this news report seems to believe.

Photo of the Day – Shadows in the Canyon

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
In the grand canyon during September 2012 I watched the sunrise several mornings. I loved the way the canyon changed from minute-to-minute as the shadows crept across the landscape. From sunrise (around 6 AM I think?) to 8 AM in the morning the whole atmosphere would change.


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